Puppy Scam rocks the Internet

A scam of puppy proportions is rocking the internet. One website Crittermatch are leading the charge against the scammers. Crittermatch are offering a no scam guarantee that enables both the breeder’s and customers a scam free experience. Puppies for sale websites are very common on the net, the problem is most classifieds that include pet sections allow free adverts, great you may think, something for nothing. That unfortunately is not the case. Nigerian advertisers are getting clever, with Voip phone lines that are USA registered they can appear to be living where they say in Ohio for example. The best way to beat the puppy scammers is to explain that you would like to pick the puppy up and not have it shipped and will pay for it in cash when collecting the puppy. This will cover you in two ways, firstly you can be assured that you will actually get your dog and secondly you do not pay any cash until actually seeing your puppy. Crittermatch now offer you an alternative to that solution with their no scam guarantee. This works much like the purchase of a home. The advertiser lists their puppy and you agree to purchase it. You then pay the money directly to Crittermatch who act like an escrow company. They puppy is then delivered directly to you, it is not until you actually take charge of the puppy that crittermatch release the money to the breeder.

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